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Delivery Service

How do I mail this?

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Package Rascal Packaging Solutions

Our Story

I am a 23 plus year postal clerk and someone who believes customer service is a dying art.  Over the years it has always been important for me to demonstrate and show how much money my customers can actually save through the Postal Service.  I have always felt that many people walk in and only know that they have something to mail.  What box should I use?  How much will this be? Is this going to be the best way to ship my product?  Over approximately 85% of my customers that come in with a prepaid label, I could've saved them money on postage and almost 90% that come in with their own packaging, ends up with repackaging  in a different box and paying less for shipping.  Let me be your packaging and postage consultant.  I am here to help you learn how to answer all of those questions and more.  I want to inform you on the best packaging and postage solutions specifically to your product.  Whether you have 1 product or 100 products, I would be happy to walk you through this process.

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