Can the Packaging Design Process Impact Dimensional Weight Fees and Your Bottom Line?

By Kevin Howard

Almost every company has done it: sent a package that was larger than it needed to be and ended up paying the price in the form of dimensional weight surcharges. (As a refresher, dimensional weight is your package’s height x width x length, divided by the current DIM factor. Your package will be billed at the rate of whichever is higher, the actual weight or the dimensional weight). While some of these dimensional weight surcharges are unavoidable, many shippers are able to mitigate much of this cost through careful planning, especially when it comes to the packaging design process.

Many schools of packaging teach something called the “6 Step Method for Protective Packaging Design” and entails the following:

Define the Environment

Assess the Product Fragility

Provide Product Improvement Feedback

Evaluate Cushion Material Performance

Design the Package System

Test the Product/Package System

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